Boy George – Does Rock’N’Roll Kill Brain Cells?

Testing musicians’ memories after a lifetime of abuse. This Week: Boy George

Which Culture Club song does the George character sing twice in a row when he takes over lead vocals in 1998 comedy The Wedding Singer (below)?
“‘Do You Really Want To Hurt Me’. There was only that Culture Club song in that film. I know that Virgin sold it to them for about five pence, which I was fucking fuming about. Cunts.”
Er… correct

Your book King Of Queens is a pretty damn pricey one – how much does it cost if I pre-order one now, assuming I live in the UK?
“I think about £500. I don’t know about things like that, how much things cost.”
Wrong. It’s £399 and a whopping £40 for postage. Would you personally bring the book around my house for that?
“I think I should!”


What colour hat were you wearing when you presented this year’s Brit Award for British Female Solo Artist to Laura Marling?
“Oh my god. Was it green?”
Wrong. Blue with sparkly bits
“Yes. With little white frosty diamonds on.”
Where did you get that hat, George?
“It was a present from Philip Treacy, who is a lovely Irish milliner. He made that mad thing for [Princess] Beatrice [at the Royal Wedding] that sold for a fortune.”

When BBC commentator John Motson famously said, “The Crazy Gang have beaten the Culture Club” during 1988’s FA Cup Final, which team had won?
“Manchester United.”
Wrong. Wimbledon had beaten Liverpool. Not a big footy fan then, George?
“No. I’m into Arsenal. Geddit?”

You were forced to do five days of community service in New York for wasting police time in 2006. What colour, exactly, was your jacket?
“Well, it was an orange, kind of plastically jerkin drama. It was a Bolero-style jacket with no sleeves. It was definitely orange because I kept saying, ‘You’ve been Tangoed’, and it might have had yellow bits on as well.”

You’ve appeared twice on ITV1’s The Alan Titchmarsh Show, once in December 2009 and once in September 2008. Name three other guests you shared Alan’s sofa with
“Twiggy. I can’t remember. The rest of my band?”
Wrong. That doesn’t count. Anita Dobson, Ken Livingstone, Sue Carroll, Twiggy, Max Clifford

You once rather famously said you prefer “a nice cup of tea” to sex. What type of shoes do all the Tetley Tea Folk wear in their TV adverts?
Wrong. Slippers

What number did Culture Club drummer Jon Moss have on his American football shirt when you performed ‘Karma Chameleon’ on Top Of The Pops in September 1983?
“Oh God. I don’t know! 69?”
Wrong. 88. Why American football players?
“I think we’d just run out of things to dress up as. That period was the pinnacle of our excess.”

Name three items you get if you order a ‘Boy George Culture Club Fancy Dress Outfit’ for £34.99 from
“Well, you get a hat. A terrible wig. A sort of tunic. And a headband.”
Correct. And you get some free make-up
“I bet it’s really cheap shit.”

Culture Club are set to play a gig in Sydney on New Year’s Eve. What time will it be in the UK when it strikes midnight in Sydney?
“It’s about 12 hours’ difference, isn’t it?”
Wrong. Australia is 11 hours ahead, so it will actually be 1pm on New Year’s Eve in the UK

Total Score: 3/10
“If you’d asked me about the ’70s I’d have got 10 out of 10”

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This article originally appeared in the November 26th 2011 issue of NME