Maggie Rogers: “Glastonbury is like the anti-Coachella”

We caught up with Maggie ahead of her Other Stage Glastonbury set.

It’s Saturday at Glastonbury and Maggie Rogers arrives looking like she’s embraced the spirit of the festival. She arrives in a floaty white dress and John Lennon shades, ready to play the show of her life.

“I had such a beautiful time playing Glastonbury in 2017 I made sure I got here early this time. There is something really special about this festival. It’s kind of the anti-Coachella – not to shit on Coachella – but I’ve been thinking about this show for so long. When I was making the record and whenever a song started coming together, I would have this out of body experience where I would imagine myself playing stage left on The Other Stage at Glastonbury, so when I got my slot I was so pleased.”

Maggie also shared her excitement at seeing The Killers headline the Pyramid stage for the second time. “I’ve had a Killers poster on my childhood bedroom door since, I don’t even know when. I saw them on the Day and Age tour in Washington DC in 2010 or 11. I’m really excited to see The Killers tonight.”

Maggie plays The Other Stage at 2:30pm on Saturday June 29. Watch the full interview above.