Millie Turner: “I work to inspire girls”

Before the first of our Girls To The Front series - live shows supporting female and non-binary talent - we had a chat with support act, Millie Turner, about how life has changed since finishing college last summer and her experiences of starting out in the male-dominated music industry.

When we last spoke, it was around last August and you were waiting for your A-Level results. How did you get on?

It was good. I got an A, A, B, but it took me a month to open the envelope. I was very, very happy with that.

Congratulations! What’s life been like since then?

Hectic. So much has happened. It’s been weird adjusting from going to college then having a job full-time but getting to do what I love everyday is insane and I love it.

Tonight’s all about showcasing female talent and creating a space where women and non-binary people in music can play and have a platform to express themselves. What’s it been like for you as a young woman entering the music industry?

It’s an important question. It’s not one that’s discussed a lot which seems silly. In the industry, surrounded by men all the time, it can be quite off-putting but being able to do what I do and get a response and own that, it’s so empowering and so important. And also hearing from other girls who say that I inspire them, that’s what I work for. I want to inspire girls to do things that are outside the box and to do things that they’re not necessarily being pushed to do.

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Do you find it is still a very male-dominated industry?

Oh yes, absolutely. It’s daunting. I went to an all girls school and I’m really into female empowerment, it’s such an important part of my identity and it’s been very much an adjustment, being the only girl in the room, having these massive decisions to make and having to be heard.

It’s a challenge, for sure. Have you found you’ve been able to maintain creative control?

It’s the ongoing struggle of any artist but particularly for girl. I’ve always had supportive people around me who’ve said “do what you want to do. Don’t let anyone else say it’s wrong”. And I think that’s so important for any female artist.

Who are some women in music who inspire you?

There are so, so many. At the moment, I think Billie Eilish is a big name. She’s so young and yet she’s such an inspiring person and has totally owned her creativity. We need more of that.

And who did you listen to growing up?

I was brought up on Paloma Faith, Florence + The Machine, a lot of Lorde – she’s insane – Beyonce. The list is endless.

I heard your track, Night Running has just had a million streams on Spotify? Do you ever just imagine what a million people would look like all stood together?

I know! So cool. It’s insane. I’m very excited. So many people I’ve never met before!

What do the next six months have in store for you?

At the moment, I want to focus on releasing a lot more music, doing more visuals and creative stuff. A lot of live shows too. I just want to make sure everything is as good as I want it to be and just make a statement.

Watch the video of the first Girls To The Front night with Millie Turner and Dream Wife below.

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