Remembering the time we got Mark E. Smith to rank his likes and dislikes

The Fall frontman told NME his 'ins' and 'outs'.

When we asked The Fall‘s Mark E. Smith to rank his likes and dislikes back in 1987, we weren’t exactly expecting a short list. What ensued was a hilarious insight into the mind of the famously-outspoken frontman.

If you’re a mature bloke with a pony tail or Eddie Murphy, you’ll probably want to stop reading now.

Mark E. Smith’s ‘Ins’

Mark E. Smith, The Fall

Sliced white bread with additives
The Seeds’ disastrous blues LP
‘March of the Flower Children’ LP
Jewish guys in new cars with their shirts open and long hair
Groups that shave and wash regularly
Ultra-flash black people
Asian pop groups
Hippyless German groups
Irish whiskey
Jed Clampett
Mancunian rap groups
Briitish Telecom
Saul Bellow
Granada Video Hire
Bikers who work with cement and ladders
Franco-Prussian War
Boer War
Wakefield (SLAG!)
American wrestling
Gary Davies
Tommy Docherty
Embassy Mild
Embassy Filter
The Paras
South London
Richard Stark
James Cain
Arthur Machen
Geological maps
Woody Woodpecker
Gene Vincent’s backing vocalists
The Mothers of Invention

Mark E. Smith’s ‘Outs’


Mark E. Smith, The Fall

Brown bread with bits in
All Sunday papers
White training shoes
All US record labels
Mature guys with pony tails
Scotch pop groups featuring pseudo intellectuals
The Cure’s one record
All Welsh groups
All new American groups
All Dutch grou[ps
Anything connected with New Model Army
Chablis wine
Vietnam War
Iran/Iraq war
England’s idea of Mexican food
American Football
Mike Smith
All fruit juice
Hoddle and Waddle
Embassy No1
Marlboro 100’s
Royal Air Force
Eddie Murphy
British science fiction
Stephen King
All new American and British cartoons
British Electricity
France (permanent)
Martin Amis
Popstars in new silver cars
Rock on television
Plastic grebos in Doctor Marten boots. (You’d never get a real biker to wear them.)
Mark E. Smith’s ‘Ins’ and ‘Outs’ was first published in an October 1987 issue of NME.

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