Glastonbury organisers reveal a new area and discuss moving site

Emily Eavis says 'they're looking at a couple of sites'

Emily Eavis has revealed that Glastonbury are still looking to potentially move sites in the future, and that they’re introducing a new area in 2017.

Anticipation for Glasto 2017 has gathered momentum after the festival announced Radiohead as the first headliner yesterday. While speculation remains around who else could play, Emily Eavis told NME that ‘90% of the line-up has been booked’ and that they’d be ‘cramming in two years’ worth of music‘ into 2017 – while denying that Daft Punk and Stone Roses would be the other two headliners.

While 2018 while be a fallow year of rest for the festival, there were reports that Glasto may host an alternate event at a new site that year and potentially indefinitely from there on – with Longleat being mentioned as an ideal site before Eavis said plans were ‘on the backburner for now’.


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Now, Emily Eavis has told NME that they’d like to keep Glastonbury where it is for now – but are still investigating alternatives for the future.

“We’re very keen to keep Glastonbury Festival as we know it at Worthy Farm because that’s where it belongs,” she told NME. “If we did anything anywhere else, it wouldn’t be called Glastonbury, it would be by the team behind Glastonbury that put on another event

“That might happen in ’19, it might happen in ’20, but at the moment we’re still looking at all the different options. We’re really keen to continue doing Glastonbury here for as long as we can. I think my dad is very keen to try something somewhere else. I think at his age it’s just something he really wants to do so we’re all going for that, but I don’t know exactly what it’ll be yet.”

Richard Johnson/NME

Elaborating on a new location, she continued: “At the moment we’re looking at a couple of sites. We’re close to finding somewhere that could be good, but also what it’s going to be is still up in the air. Probably it will be something more based on the fringe areas of the festival with more installations and all those experiences people have, rather than lots and lots of music stages.”

However, Emily did confirm that Glastonbury will be getting “a whole new area” for 2017. “We can’t give you too many details of, but it’s going to be an area which involves lots and lots of… it’s somewhere between an installation and somewhere where you’ll go to experience watching films and listening to music in a different way,” she said. “It’s a massive addition to the festival. I don’t wanna give it away at the moment, but there’s artists working on it flat out and every day these cars are arriving, which are going to be part of this installation. They’re like ancient cars. It’s very exciting, but we’ll give you more information when we have it. It’s a little bit too early to say.”


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Other acts rumoured to be appearing at Glastonbury 2017 include Foo Fighters, Ed Sheeran, Kasabian, Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode. Glastonbury 2017 will run from 21-25 June.