Watch Bill Murray demand encore at a Lupe Fiasco gig

Murray's unpredictable exploits continue to delight the internet.

Bill Murray attended a Lupe Fiasco show in Austin, Texas last night (November 30) and was filmed getting very into the gig.

According to a post from the rapper on Twitter, the legendary actor offered some “amazing words of encouragement” when the pair met and even managed to “force” an encore from him.

These Chi-Town Mob Ties Run Deep! 😏 #Tour

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Fiasco wasn’t exaggerating too much. Footage shared by a fan on Twitter shows Murray punching his fist and joining the crowd in a chant of “Lupe! Lupe! Lupe!” as he waited for the rapper to return to the stage.

Murray’s unpredictable exploits have been delighting fans even more than usual in recent months. At the start of November, footage of the actor drunkenly celebrating the success of his favourite baseball team went viral.

He also gatecrashed a White House press briefing in October, and helped out at his son’s bar in New York in September. Pictures and videos shared on social media show him singing along to The Rolling Stones while serving – and drinking – tequila shots.

Bill Murray had already built a reputation for spontaneous bartending in the past. He served drinks at Austin bar Shangri-La during South By Southwest in 2010.

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