‘Stranger Things’ composers reveal how they made title-track for Netflix series

Season Two is set to debut tomorrow (October 27)

Stranger Things composers Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein have revealed how they wrote the theme track to the popular sci-fi Netflix series.

The pair, who have also scored Season Two’s soundtrack, said despite being contacted by the Duffer brothers to work on original music for the first series, they had no idea they would be scoring the show’s theme.

They said it was eventually picked out from 50 demos “we sent over on Day One” a “random library piece we didn’t even consider”. You can listen to their breakdown of the track on Song Exploder here.

The pair also recently spoke to NME about the soundtrack for the forthcoming second series which makes its debut on Netflix tomorrow night (October 27).

The [season two] story kind of called for some new types of sounds, so there’s a lot of new stuff that’s quite a bit different than what we heard last year,” Dixon said.

“With the show, as much as it’s rooted in ’80s nostalgic stuff and borrowing stuff from the past, we still have this clean slate where we get to set a standard,” Stein added.

“The story’s pretty weird. We had to make some pretty insane music for it. There was a lot of really crazy shit,” explains Dixon.

Meanwhile, Oxford Circus underground station has received a Stranger Things-themed makeover ahead of the show’s return.

The first reviews of season two of Stranger Things have seen critics hailing the return of the show, with E! Online exclaiming “have no fear, kids: Stranger Things 2 lives up to the hype”. The Hollywood Reporter remarked that “Stranger Things 2 is quite good and, if your expectations are in check, largely satisfying,” while The Daily Telegraph said “this second outing more than lives up to it”.

Last weekend, Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard parted ways with agent Tyler Grasham following claims of sexual abuse that were levelled at the latter.

APA, the agency Grasham worked for, released a statement that said: “APA takes these allegations extremely seriously and is investigating this matter”.