Fans react to Gillian Anderson’s ‘The X-Files’ exit

The X-Files finished its season 11 run last night, and fans have mixed reactions to Gillian Anderson’s much-anticipated departure.

The show, which first aired in 1993, follows FBI special agents Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Anderson), who investigate supernatural and paranormal cases. After ending its nine season run back in 2002, the show was revived in 2016 for six new episodes. The X-Files returned for season 11 in early 2018 (5th February) for an extended 10 episode stint, with fans exclaiming that the ‘truth is still out there…’

The final episode episode of season 11, titled ‘My Struggle IV’, revealed that the “Cigarette Smoking Man” was in fact the father of William (and not Mulder). By the end of the episode, Mulder and Scully hug it out, believing their teenage son is dead, and Mulder having shot his long-time nemesis the CSM. Oh, and Scully is pregnant again.


And with the mixed reception to the final episode – some viewers are hoping that this will be the final season:

But whether fans loved or loathed the finale, one thing’s for sure: the beloved Dana Scully is already missed:


And they’re delighted that Scully is pregnant:

Although they do think Gillian Anderson deserved a better exit…

And did Gillian subtly slam her own exit?

In December, Anderson confirmed that season 11 would be her last following a 25-year stint as Scully. “I’ve said from the beginning that this is it for me,” she told TV Insider. “I was a bit surprised by people’s [shocked] reaction to my announcement because my understanding was that this was a single season.”

During a panel in January, she further emphasised her exit telling reporters, “It’s time for me to hang up Scully’s hat. It just it.”

“I’m finished, and that’s the end of that.”

Words: Natasha Jagger