90,000 young people register to vote in one day

The deadline is looming - are you involved?

As the deadline approaches to register to vote ahead of the 2017 general election, over 90,000 young people signed up to get involved yesterday.

As The Independent reports, the penultimate day ahead of this evening’s deadline saw a huge surge of 90,200 people aged 18-24-years-old sign up to vote on Sunday May 21.

“These numbers clearly demonstrate that young citizens are engaging in the current election,” said Josh Dell from charity Bite The Ballot. “For too long it’s been the case that our youngest voters are dismissed and ignored by politicians. Regardless of who they choose to vote for on June 8, the election is a monumental opportunity for this demographic to demonstrate that their views and concerns must be heard.”

Compared to other ages, the same time period saw 6,827 people aged 55-64-years-old sign up, alongside 2,628 new voters aged 65-74 and 1,099 aged over 75.

Experts are now arguing that this is likely to present a huge boost for Jeremy Corbyn and The Labour Party, as he appear to be the favourites among younger people polled so far. It’s been said that if youngsters had voted in similar proportions during the last general election, it is likely that David Cameron and the Conservatives would not have been allowed a majority.

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These new young voters joined the 700,000 18-24-year-olds who had already registered.

JME and Jeremy Corbyn

JME and Jeremy Corbyn

Last week saw the emergence of #Grime4Corbyn – a new movement inspired by the UK genre that’s encouraging young people to both register to vote and back Labour in the upcoming election. This comes after JME endorsed the Labour leader – even going as far to meet with Corbyn to discuss how to encourage young voters to get involved.

This weekend also saw Jeremy Corbyn address the crowd at gig by The Libertines, while Labour also brought forward their plans to scrap university tuition fees.

Today is the last chance to register to vote. More details are available here.

The General Election 2017 will take place on June 8.