Actor to play Keith Moon will be cast based on their eyes

A biopic about The Who drummer has been in the works since 2013

The actor who will play Keith Moon in an upcoming biopic will be cast based on their eyes, according to Roger Daltrey.

Moon was the drummer for The Who between 1964 and 1978 when he died from an overdose of Heminevrin, a drug used to treat and prevent symptoms of alcohol withdrawal.

A biopic about the late musician has been in the works since 2013 but has stalled in recent years. The Who frontman Roger Daltrey has now confirmed that development of the film has begun again in a new interview.

“I’ve got to find a Keith Moon,” the star told BBC 6Music’s Matt Everitt recently. “It’s going to be very, very dependent on the actor and the actor’s eyes. Because you’ve got to cast it completely from the eyes because Moon had extraordinary eyes.”

When the radio DJ suggested it might be hard to find an actor who could play a musician like Moon, Daltrey replied: “What makes you think Keith was a fucking musician? He would have said, ‘How dare you, my boy! A musician? I’m a fucking drummer!’

“They didn’t really know Keith,” he added. “I don’t know whether anybody outside the band really got to know him like we did. He was a strange bunch of people.”

The frontman also explained that he was searching for “the right screenplay” and that he hoped production would begin “next year”.

Meanwhile, Daltrey called Kanye West‘s music “kind of meaningless” earlier this month and said he thought hip-hop had failed to evolve since the genre’s beginnings.

“It’s kind of meaningless to me, to be honest with you,” he told Rolling Stone when asked about West. “I like some of the rhythms of rap. But [it] hasn’t gone anywhere from the first record [that] ever came out with those kind of rhythms, has it?”