YouTuber Adam Blampied apologises for “manipulating” women

Blampied was best known for presenting wrestling videos on the WhatCulture YouTube channel

Prominent YouTuber Adam Blampied has apologised for “manipulating” women into sending him images of themselves on social media.

Blampied, who presented for WhatCulture’s wrestling channel on YouTube until leaving the channel last month, released a statement on Wednesday (October 25) through his Twitter account to address his alleged actions.

“I want to publicly apologise for actions in my private life over the past few years,” he wrote. “I have falsely claimed to several women via social media that I was in an open relationship with my girlfriend as a means to repeatedly message them and encourage them to send me images of themselves.

“I didn’t make threats or offer perks in exchange, but I exploited my growing public position and often my friendships with these women, all to fuel my ego. By manipulating them in this manner, and acting completely inconsiderately of their feelings as I asked for these pictures, I have violated their trust and my girlfriend’s trust.

“To everyone I’ve hurt, and to the many more that I’ve now disappointed, I’m so sorry,” he continued. “I promise that I will learn from this, and, even though it does not at all excuse what I’ve done, I will be better.”

Read Blampied’s full statement below.

As reported by the BBC, What Culture Limited Director Peter Willis said that Blampied’s departure “was not linked to the series of Twitter messages that were published [on Wednesday], nor were we aware of any of the events within those tweets until reading Adam’s own statement.

“What Culture categorically condemns all sexual harassment, predatory behaviour and abuses of position and power.”

After one individual – @SRbackwards – came forward on Twitter following Blampied’s statement to claim that he asked her “to send him nudes” and call Blampied “a manipulative sexual predator”, Blampied urged his followers not to “attack the women for speaking out”.

“They have been hurt, by me. Please don’t publicly leap to my defence on this. My behaviour doesn’t warrant it,” he wrote.

“The purpose of this was not to excuse myself, but because it’s what the women deserve, for the wider public to see my behaviour. Please be kind and understanding to the women. More than I was.”