Airbnb renters turn one-bed flat into nightclub – complete with DJ, tickets and bouncer

London pop-up party went on until 6am

Airbnb renters turned a one-bedroom flat in Canonbury into a nightclub last weekend, charging 200-plus partygoers for tickets, booking DJs and hiring a bouncer.

Islington Gazette reports that the incident took place at a property in Grosvenor Avenue, north London last Friday night.

The report describes how the Airbnb customers had a professional sound system and a bouncer that wouldn’t let anyone in without a ticket – not even members of the local council.


“It was the worst night ever. I could hear the music louder than if I was playing it in my own living room,” said a next-door neighbour. “It was horrible music.”

When police did eventually arrive they said they needed to wait for back-up due to the sheer volume of people in attendance at the flat-turned-pop-up nightclub.

“There was a big police van and another car, but they were just standing outside for hours,” the neighbour continued, with another adding: “It sounded like Fabric was upstairs [London venue, pictured above] . It was just the constant bass thud. We saw one guy carrying in DJ equipment.”

The owner of the flat was contacted by a neighbour but was out of the country. “He felt terrible and couldn’t do anything,” one of the neighbours said.

Police reportedly started clearing out the flat at 4.30am, with the music stopping by 6am.

Islington’s community safety boss Cllr Andy Hull, said: “This was selfish, aggressive, and unacceptable behaviour. Our out-of-hours anti-social behaviour team investigates noise complaints. They went to this property but found themselves in an aggressive situation, involving many people outside.”


“Our officers could not enter safely and had to call police for assistance. Because of the numbers involved, extra police then had to be requested and, as a result of this action, the party closed and all left. The council has contacted the property owner, as the occupiers had breached their Airbnb agreement.”

Scotland Yard’s press office have said that “no criminal offences were apparent” and that officers “maintained a presence until the party concluded”.