Alan Partridge arrives at book signing in ‘Cook Pass Babtridge’ car, gets parking ticket

Oh, butter my arse!

Steve Coogan was the talk of Manchester this week, when arrived at a book signing not only in character as Alan Partridge, but in his legendary ‘Cook Pass Babtridge’ car – before getting a parking ticket.

The ‘Know Me, Knowing You’ cult comedy hero arrived to a queue of hundreds of fans spilling around the corner at the Deansgate Waterstones in Coogan’s native Manchester to sign copies of his new book of travel diaries, Alan Patridge: Nomad .

To their delight, he was driving his legendary Rover with the graffiti of ‘Cock Piss Partridge’ expertly altered to ‘Cook Pass Babtridge’. As Manchester Evening News reports, he then received a parking ticket while in the shop – certainly giving him more reason to curse the pedestrianisation of city centres.

Partridge recently made headlines when he slammed fellow broadcasting legend Noel Edmonds as a ‘pillock’.

“In many ways, this was his first Gotcha,” he writes in his new book. “A successful TV and radio star humiliating an impressionable young DJ for sport,. It takes a special kind of pillock to do that.”

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Later in the extract, the Norwich-based personality reveals that Edmonds once encouraged his wife Carol to drink too much at a 1991 party thrown by Radio Times. This apparently resulted in her being “sick on the horseshoe-shaped mat that circles the foot of the toilet.”

“This mat was quite new so needed scrubbing before a spell in the washing machine,” he writes. “And who do you think did the scrubbing? Was it Edmonds? No. It was Alan Partridge.”

He also took the time to attack Game Of Thrones.