Alex Turner reveals original lyrics to ‘Four Out Of Five’, discusses getting ‘carried away’ during writing process

The frontman also said why one tune was cut from 'Tranquility Base...'

Alex Turner has revealed the original opening lyrics to Arctic Monkeys‘ recent single ‘Four Out Of Five‘, whilst speaking about getting “carried away” during the writing sessions for the band’s latest record.

The Sheffield lads released their divisive sixth studio effort, ‘Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino‘, back in May. Filled to the brim with space and sci-fi imagery, the ambitious new material welcomed some of Turner’s most intriguing lyrics to date.

Now, the frontman has broken down his writing process for the record during an interview with Vulture.

Shining light on the single ‘Four Out Of Five’, Turner spoke of the “lunar surface” lyric – explaining that it was a nickname for a room in his house. He said that once the idea had taken him to outer-space, he “just kept going” with the theme.

“Four stars out of five is a bit of a pun, with the stars,” he added. “I may have gotten a bit carried away there.”

The musician also revealed the lyrics used in an early incarnation of the song. “Originally, the words were: ‘Karaoke and raspberry beret, in imaginative ways, and I get signed right then and there by a hotshot executive / I wasn’t expecting it that easy’,” he said.

Discussing being cautious of trying to “pack too much into a song”, Turner admitted he may have overstepped the mark with one particular tune, resulting in it being cut from the LP.

“I had a song that didn’t make this record with lyrics that mentioned both Bing Crosby and Randy Newman,” he said. “And I just thought, ‘You can’t do that’. You can have one or the other. Just fucking calm down!

“You don’t want to make a song too lumpy,” he added.

Arctic Monkeys' Alex Turner onstage

Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner

Meanwhile, NME caught Arctic Monkeys headline Flow Festival in Helsinki last night (August 11). The slot marked the band’s first-ever show in Finland. Earlier this week, they performed at Øya Festival – taking to the stage after Arcade Fire. Reviewing the show, NME said: “With no bells, whistles or banter, Alex Turner and co’s latest vampiric evolution dazzles with just class, charisma and a weird but wonderful charm alone.”

In other news, Turner recently discussed the lack of big choruses in ‘Tranquility Base…’, and whether he would turn the LP into a screenplay.

Setting their sights on LP 7, the band have also spoken of their desire to work with Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker, after the ‘Let It Happen’ artist expressed an interest in joining forces. “I’d love to float with Kevin,” Turner said in response. “Let’s float Kev.”

Arctic Monkeys return to the UK for a huge arena show next month – visit here for tickets and the full schedule.