Alex Turner’s ‘Submarine’ soundtrack inspired by Scott Walker

Director Richard Ayoade reveals origin of Arctic Monkeys man's songs
Richard Ayoade has revealed the inspiration behind Alex Turner‘s soundtrack to his new film Submarine.

The Arctic Monkeys frontman has written the soundtrack to Ayoade‘s directorial debut for Warp Films.

The director spoke at a question and answer session following the film’s London premiere last night (March 15). He revealed that the pair were inspired by Scott Walker‘s collection of songs written by Belgian musician Jacques Brel.

“Initially it was going to be some covers and we had ideas of songs,” he said. “And he said, ‘I’ll maybe write one,’ and he just wrote more and more, I was just delighted that he did.”


He added: “Initially the idea was to do something a bit like ‘Scott Walker Sings Jacques Brel’ because that felt less impolite to ask. I didn’t want to ask him to write songs. I probably hoped he would!”

Ayoade went on to joke about the pair’s working relationship. “I refused to show him moving footage at any stage, it was just screen grabs,” he said. “If he sees anything with motion he gets confused. That pertains in life as well as films.”

Submarine, starring Craig Roberts, is released in the UK on Friday (March 18).

Meanwhile, Turner has said he’d consider more film work following this debut – if the right project came up.Video

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