Alfred Hitchcock classic to be remade for teenagers

Thriller 'Strangers On A Train' to become 'Teens On A Train'

Alfred Hitchcock‘s classic Strangers On A Train is to be remade into a thriller for teenagers.

Titled Teens On A Train, the film will take Patricia Highsmith‘s novel as its starting point, but will be tweaked significantly with reporting that in the new version, “boy meets girl, girl turns out to be raving psychopath”.

The film is a joint venture by Slingshot Productions and BBC Films and is the result of a teenage Hitchcock screenwriting competition organised by Slingshot three years ago.

The original 1951 movie told the story of two strangers meeting on a train. When both realise that they have a person in their lives making them miserable they agree to swap the murders in an attempt to commit the perfect crime.