Angelina Jolie ‘not crucial’ to the future of ‘Wanted’

Action thriller director asserts that the franchise can continue without its female star

A sequel to Wanted is still likely to go ahead without Angelina Jolie, the project’s director has revealed.

A second movie has been mooted following the 2008 title, which was adapted from the comic book written by Kick-Ass scribe Mark Millar. But it was thrown into doubt after Jolie made it clear that she would not be reprising her role as female lead Fox.

But Timur Bekmambetov has now come out and said that Jolie‘s character is “not crucial” to the continuation of the story.

He told “The reality is that we love [Jolie] and we’d love to do it with her, but that story has such a big idea behind it that it can also go on without her.”

Jolie starred in the 2008 movie opposite James McAvoy and Morgan Freeman. The director is currently working on the historical horror mash-up Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.