Angelina Jolie to play evil godmother in Sleeping Beauty remake?

Role depends on Tim Burton involvement

Angelina Jolie may play the evil fairy godmother in a postmodern take on Sleeping Beauty, with the story told from her perspective.

The LA Times is reporting that while Jolie is keen on the live-action take of the 50-year-old hit, there are signs that Tim Burton could be involved, making it unclear how that would affect Jolie’s chances.

Sources say that Jolie – who is not attached to a new film after shooting thriller The Tourist – is actively searching for a new project, and “could very well star in the film when all is said and done”.

News of the film – set to be titled Maleficent after the titular evil godmother – broke last week with the news that Disney had hired Linda Woolverton (Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King) to work on the script.