Another Facebook movie on the way after ‘The Social Network’?

Film rights to novel 'The Future Of Us' have been acquired by Warner

Another movie based around Facebook could be on the way following the mammoth success of The Social Network.

Warner Bros have just picked up the rights to a novel called The Future Of Us, written by Jay Asher and Carolyn Macker, which is due to be published this year.

But the new novel, and potential movie, would not be a fact-based account of the site’s history like David Fincher‘s hit film, according to The Next Web.

Instead the book is a story of tech fiction, in which two young people in 1996 log on to their AOL email accounts only to find their 2011 Facebook profiles flash up in front of them instead. The selling of the film rights, however, is only the beginning of a long journey to screen, with no guarantee of a film ever being made.

The Social Network further established Facebook as one of the dominant cultural forces of our time, telling and embellished version of the story of how Mark Zuckerberg created the networking site, and the resulting power struggles that followed.