Watch the new video for Coldplay’s comeback track ‘Orphans’

Coldplay are literally turning things on their head...

Coldplay have premiered the new video for ‘Orphans’ – one of two new tracks unveiled by the band.

Yesterday, (October 24), the group also released ‘Arabesque’, which are taken from their forthcoming record ‘Everyday Life’.

In the video for ‘Orphans’, Coldplay literally turn things on their head as they begin performing in a spinning room – with one moment capturing the band as they perform on the ceiling.


This comes after the band made a low-key return by announcing the record’s tracklist in the advertising section of the North Wales Daily Post.

The four-piece will release the follow-up to 2015’s ‘A Head Full of Dreams’ on November 22 in the form of a double album. The album is split into ‘Sunrise’ and ‘Sunset’ sections.

Fans have also been reacting to the release of the new songs. You can see their reactions below.


Ahead of the premiere of the new singles, Chris Martin spoke about how how the highs and lows of day-to-day life and world politics has shaped their new album ‘Everyday Life’.

“It’s all about just being human,” frontman Chris Martin told Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1. “Every day is great and every day is terrible…It just feels kind of free. There’s so much life bursting out on the planet.”

“[The album] is our reaction to the perceived negativity that’s everywhere. And there is a lot of trouble, but there’s also so much positivity and so much great life happening. So in a way, it’s just trying to make sense of things, saying what we feel and what we see.”

Reviewing the new songs, NME wrote: “Interestingly, these tracks promise nuance, a rounded picture and an album that will surprise and delight. Which, in these days of polarised arguments and shouting and the endless noise of this total cuntopia we live in… sounds pretty good. Maybe this was the point of Coldplay all along.”

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