Anti-Theresa May song ‘Liar Liar’ heads for Number One on UK iTunes chart

"She’s a liar liar, you can't trust her, no, no, no."

An anti-Theresa May song accusing the Conservative Prime Minister of being a “liar” is rapidly climbing the UK iTunes chart.

“Liar Liar Ge2017′ by Captain Ska, who describe themselves as a “producer of politically inclined tunes”, is currently Number Two on the iTunes chart behind ‘Despacito’ by Luis Fonzi, Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber.

The song’s lyrics include the lines: “We all know politicians like telling lies / Big ones, little ones, porky pies / Saying they’re strong and stable won’t disguise / We’re still being taken for a ride.”


It also features a variety of soundbytes from Theresa May’s speeches and the damning chorus: “She’s a liar liar, you can’t trust her, no, no, no.” Listen below.

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‘Liar Liar Ge2017’ is actually a “remix” of a song Captain Ska first released around seven years ago.

A band member called Jake told The Huffington Post: “The 2010 release has kind of been around for a while and I ended up getting so many messages to remix it I thought I’d do it. It’s overwhelming to be at number two now, we’re all freelance session musicians in London, so we’re totally amazed by it. Original music, and especially political music, doesn’t have traction any more. Everyone is totally over the moon with it.”

The song is being supported by The People’s Assembly against austerity, which has criticised various radio stations for reportedly refusing to play the politically-charged song.


“Thousands of people have downloaded this track and we demand that it is aired as any other song would be,” Jake from Captain Ska said.

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