This app could help keep you safe on Tinder dates

It can send SOS alerts to your contacts and locate you from your phone's GPS co-ordinates

An app has been designed that could help users stay safe during Tinder dates, in other situations where personal safety could be an issue, or in an emergency.

My SOS Family originated as its own handheld device in 2014 and has been developed into an app that works on basic mobiles and landlines, iPhones and Android phones, as well as with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant devices.

The app sends SOS alerts to your designated contacts when you press down the help button, set a timer, press down a pre-designated speed dial key, or by asking a voice assistant device.


Contacts are notified via SMS or calls – you can personalise a message to let your friends and family know why they are receiving the alert.

Once an alert has been sent, a contact can “take responsibility” for helping you and inform anyone else who has been sent the alert at the press of a button. My SOS Family can locate the person in trouble by using their phone’s coordinates, allowing help to find them quickly.

The system was invented by entrepreneur Moony Victoire-Nijjar. He told the Daily Express of the idea: “I thought there must be a more efficient way of doing things with the technology that we all carry around in our pockets.”

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