Apple previews upcoming emoji update – fans react

The new pack includes a sandwich, zombie, elf and dinosaur.

In light of World Emoji Day, Apple CEO Tim Cook has announced that several new emojis will be released later this year.

The emoji update will be available on all iOS, MacOS and WatchOS devices, and include a range of new smiley faces, people, animals and food.

Cook made the announcement on Twitter, with a gif preview of some of the new emojis to be released. 

The new pack includes more conventional images such as a woman wearing a headscarf, a yogi, a coconut and a sandwich, as well as mythical creatures including an elf and zombie.

The official Twitter page for The Walking Dead has expressed enthusiasm for the update, commenting: “#Apple is adding this zombie emoji to iOS11! Best #WorldEmojiDay ever”

The elf bears a strong resemblance to the Game of Thrones character Daenerys Targaryen, as pointed out by one Twitter user:

Reactions to the preview have generally been positive, although some have expressed distaste at the ‘Exploding Head’ emoji.

In addition, many with red hair have complained that despite great efforts to have a ‘Ginger Emoji’ introduced, the preview doesn’t seem to indicate that the update will feature a red head figure.


World Emoji Day is organised by Emojipedia and held on July 17th, in honour of the date displayed on the calendar icon in iOS and Android.