Arcade Fire speak out against Donald Trump’s transgender military ban

"Usually a bully starts with someone who he thinks is weak, but it's the fucking wrong call."

Arcade Fire spoke out against Donald Trump’s attempt to ban transgender citizens from joining the US military.

The band, who have recently released their fifth studio album Everything Now, were performing in Brooklyn, New York at a show. The performance was also being live streamed on Apple Music.

Lead singer Win Butler began by saying: “I would just like to briefly say that trans people are not disturbances,” he told the crowd. “Usually a bully starts with someone who he thinks is weak, but it’s the fucking wrong call.”

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On Wednesday (July 26), Donald Trump tweeted that transgender citizens will no longer be accepted in the military because of “tremendous medical costs and disruption”.

“Goddamn, I wish this whole fucking thing was a joke,” Butler added. “We have a lot of work to do, collectively. We’re really open to any way we can help, maybe we can figure it out together, because this fucking shit is really bad. We have to find a way to change it.”

The band then went straight into ‘We Exist’ from their album, Reflektor. Watch a clip of the speech over at Rolling Stone.

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The policy introduced by Trump has been criticised widely by the LGBTQ community and entertainment world as unnecessary discrimination.

The comedian James Corden has criticised Donald Trump’s ban on transgender individuals serving in the US military with a cover of the Nat-King-Cole song, ‘L-O-V-E’.

Arcade Fire’s new album is out now – listen to it here.