Arnold Schwarzenegger lines up new ‘Cry Macho’ project

Experts say that the show could determine his acting future

Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s Hollywood future looks to be decided by the fate of his next project.

The Terminator icon is being lined up to star in action thriller Cry Macho, after financing company QED International closed a deal with the star’s agents CAA.

QED will now take the project to the Cannes Film Festival to secure investment. And according to‘s Nikki Finke, the outcome is likely to be crucial for Schwarzenegger.

She wrote: “Now the global marketplace will decide whether the 63-year-old former California governor resuming his acting career is still a movie star able to carry a film.”

The action star has been looking to get back into acting since he left office. He has been reported to be lined up to star in another new Terminator movie, but that would have a built-in audience from the start. Cry Macho would star Arnie as a horse breeder who won the Kentucky Derby but whose wife and child get killed, leading him into an alcoholic depression. Landing up working for a rich businessman, he is given the choice between getting fired or snatching his boss’ son back from his ex-wife, leading to a road-trip across Mexico with the child.

Arnie has also been given his own animated series with Stan Lee called The Governator which portrays him as a real-life superhero.