Art dealer says London Extinction Rebellion mural is by Banksy

The artwork appeared in Marble Arch overnight

An art dealer and collector has said they believe a mural that appeared at the Extinction Rebellion’s London base is by Banksy.

The piece, which sees a young girl sitting on the ground next to a shovel and growing plant, holding the environmental activists’ logo, appeared overnight two weeks ago at the group’s Marble Arch base. It also features the slogan: “From this moment despair ends and tactics begin.”

Dealer John Brandler, who owns a dozen artworks by Banksy, told the Guardian he was “convinced” it was authentic for two reasons. “It’s a topic that he would support, and it’s a continuation of the Port Talbot piece that appeared in December 2018,” he explained.

He added: “The name in the corner is not important, the signature is the work. And this is a Banksy. It’s a wonderful statement and a beautiful piece.”

The street artist has not confirmed whether he created the painting, but a spokesperson for Westminster council has said they are “looking into” the mural’s authenticity.

The Port Talbot piece referred to by Brandler was privately sold to the dealer in January for a six-figure sum. At the time, he said he would keep the piece in the Welsh town for a minimum of two to three years.

Last week (April 21), Massive Attack performed at Extinction Rebellion’s Marble Arch base. The Bristol duo played songs including ‘Paradise Circus’ from their 2010 album ‘Heligoland’ in their set.

A number of celebrities have lent their support to the movement, which operates worldwide, including actress Emma Thompson and TV presenter and naturalist Chris Packham.

Meanwhile, Extinction Rebellion co-ordinator Howard Rees previously told NME that the movement’s plan is for “ongoing escalation”.