At The Drive-In talk touring with Royal Blood and recording their most personal album yet

"You kind of have to talk about the uncomfortable things".

At The Drive-In have opened up on how their first album in 17 years saw them recording some of their most personal songs to date, with one track encouraging victims of sexual abuse to speak out about their ordeal.

The post-hardcore icons released fourth album ‘’ earlier this year, which features the track ’Incurably Innocent’ – written from the perspective of a survivor of sexual abuse.

Now, frontman Cedric Bixler-Zavala has revealed how he believes that the band have a duty to talk about “the uncomfortable things”, and spoke of his hope that the song will help those affected to realise that they are “not alone”.


“You kind of have to talk about the uncomfortable things and that’s what I’ve always gotten from being involved in any kind of things that’s remotely considered punk rock, getting up and talking about shit that makes people uncomfortable”, he told NME at Leeds Festival.

“It’s just a great outlet to do that and I think it’s an outlet that people, in a weird way, expect. It almost feels safer to talk about stuff like that in this format than it would be to sit down with your friends and say ‘this happened to me’.

“It’s good to be able to just talk about it and hopefully it opens up a dialogue for someone listening to the record and reading between the lines and understanding that they’re not alone.”

And after two triumphant sets at Reading and Leeds, they’ll return to the UK later this year for a huge support slot on Royal Blood’s arena tour.

“I think they were one of the people we talked about wanting to play with, so it’s nice that it aligned.”, Bixler-Zavala said.


“We got an offer from them so it just felt really nice.”