Australian censors ban gay zombie film

However, director says he's delighted by 'profile' the controversy has created

Australian censors have refused to classify gay zombie porn film LA Zombie, effectively preventing the film from being shown in the country.

Plans to screen the low-budget horror film at the upcoming Melbourne International Film Festival are now on hold after the Australian Film Classification Board‘s decision, according to The Guardian.

Director Bruce LaBruce, a former Canadian gay porn star, has defended the low budget LA Zombies as a “reaction to torture porn”, telling the Sydney Morning Herald: “People come back to life [in my film] – it’s a metaphor for healing.”

LaBruce has started online campaigns to protest against the decision, while festival director Richard Moore has stated that he has not yet decided whether to appeal the ban.

In spite of his protests, the director added that he’s delighted with the decision, claiming the controversy will bring the film more attention.

“My first thought was: eureka!” he admitted. “I’ll never understand how censors don’t see that the more they try to suppress a film, the more people will want to see it. It gives me a profile I didn’t have yesterday.”