‘Avatar 2’ and ‘The Wolverine’ disrupted by Japan earthquake and tsunami

Both sequels were supposed to be shot in Pacific region

The recent natural disasters in Japan have disrupted production on both Avatar 2 and The Wolverine.

As the relief effort continues following the earthquake and tsunami in the country, filming there is dangerous, meaning that shooting on the two blockbusters is being rethought.

Both projects were set to be shot in the Pacific region.

James Cameron‘s Avatar sequel is to explore the oceans of the fictional planet Pandora. Cameron had been intending to dive into the Mariana Trench, south-east of Japan and the deepest known part of the world. There, he hoped to shoot footage that would be used as the basis for the film’s underwater landscapes.

But according to Screenrant.com, Fox studio chiefs are unwilling to risk the safety of divers should the region remain at risk of aftershocks.

Meanwhile, The Wolverine had been slated to begin shooting in Japan, with a new plan yet to be outlined. Following the departure of director Darren Aronofsky from the project, the situation in the country has left the film’s start date in even further doubt.

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