‘Avengers Assemble’ damage estimated at $160 billion

The real-life cost of Loki's attempt to enslave the Earth is counted

The damage wreaked in Avengers Assemble has been estimated to cost $160 billion (£99 billion).

Marvel’s superhero mash-up sees Thor’s (Chris Hemsworth) twisted brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston) raise an alien army in an attempt to enslave Earth as his own kingdom. The plot leads to an explosive showdown in Manhattan.

And now, the Hollywood Reporter has called in the experts to estimate the financial cost of the catastrophe.


Reaching out to the Kinetic Analysis Corp, they have predicted that the physical damage to the city would cost $60-70 billion (£37-43 billion). Clean-up costs would amount to $90 billion (£55 billion), and the loss of thousands of lives would take the figure up to the $160 billion total in payouts.

However, they predict that SHIELD, the secretive military law-enforcement agency that assembles the heroes, would in all likelihood be protected from liability through sovereign immunity. Furthermore, the fact that the battle was waged by Loki, who hails from the mythical Norse world of Asgard, could protect insurers from paying out due to an ‘act of God’.

Disney, who released the movie, are currently counting the cost of their own catastrophe, after John Carter box-office flop cost the studio an estimated $200 million (£126 million), leading chief Rich Ross to resign.

Kinect Analysis Corp worked out the expenses based on computer models originally created for predicting damage in Japan from Godzilla, Mothra and Mechagodzilla. Watch the damage unfold in the Avengers Assemble trailer below.



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