‘Back To The Future’ tops poll of movies audiences most want to be remade

71% of people surveyed would like to see the classic remade

A new poll reports that a huge 71% of those surveyed would like to see a remake of 1985 classic ‘Back To The Future’, prompting outcry online.

The Hollywood Reporter surveyed 2201 people, asking them what films they would like to see remade. Also high on the list was ‘Toy Story’ (69%), ‘Indiana Jones’ (68%) and ‘Jurassic Park’ (67%).

The results prompted plenty of outrage on Twitter. One user called it ‘The worst idea in cinema history’, while another suggested a ‘Back To The Future reboot where they go back in time and stop the Back To The Future reboot from ever happening.’

In terms of a sequel to the classic movie, star Michael J. Fox has quashed the idea.

Reuniting with his ‘Back To The Future’ co-stars Thomas Wilson (Biff Tannen), Christopher Lloyd (Doc Brown) and Lea Thompson (Lorraine McFly) at Fan Expo Boston, the possibility of a fourth installment came up during a Q&A session with the stars.

Hopes were dashed when Fox revealed that series co-creator Bob Gale is the “gatekeeper of the franchise”, implying that another instalment in the series perhaps not to be.

The franchise’s director has also strongly denied that any reboots or sequels are in place.

Speaking to Bad Taste, Robert Zemeckis said of the possibility of making another movie in the franchise: “There will never ever be, in the most absolute way, a ‘Back To The Future 4’. There will be no more ‘Back To The Future’.”

The director’s feelings on a new movie make actor Christopher Lloyd’s comments about reprising his role as Doc Brown moot. In an interview with Phoenix New Times, Lloyd said if Zemeckis and co-writer Bob Gale came “up with something that really is as good as the originals” then “it could happen.”