‘Balan Wonderworld’ day-one patch fixes seizure-inducing bug

The bug was flagged by videos showing the pre-launch build of the game

Balan Wonderworld‘s launch has been hit with issues after reports that the game contains a visual bug that can potentially trigger seizures in those with photo-sensitive epilepsy.

Fortunately, a day-one patch for the game includes a fix for this issue.

Videos of Balan Wonderworld have been making their way onto YouTube prior to the game’s March 26 release date. As confirmed by Game Informer‘s Lianna Ruppert, a video of the final boss features visual effects that are “instantly dangerous” in its ability to induce an epileptic seizure.


“I’ve had numerous people reach out, including developers and other QA devs, saying that they aren’t even epileptic, but they felt “odd” after watching,” said Ruppert.

“My husband, who had no prior issues with epilepsy or neurological triggers, complained of feeling dizzy before he threw up.”

Square Enix has since confirmed that this was a bug, which has been fixed in the day-one patch, and also warned players via the official Balan Wonderworld Twitter account to ensure the patch is installed before playing.

While a day-one patch had been confirmed earlier this month in a Square Enix post, it had only referred to addressing feedback from negative experiences of the demo, including movement controls, camera movement and game difficulty.


On the other hand, Square Enix’s other upcoming title Outriders has received more positive feedback, with its demo attracting over two million players.

Developer People Can Fly has however warned that cheaters in Outriders will be branded with a visual watermark.

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