Banksy reveals new Valentine’s Day artwork highlighting domestic violence

The mystery artist has been praised for delivering a "powerful message" with the piece

Banksy has unveiled a new art piece that seemingly highlights domestic violence against women.

The anonymous Bristolian artist shared three images of his latest creation on social media today (February 14).

Titled ‘Valentine’s Day Mascara’, the graffiti depicts a 50s-era housewife who has a bruised eye and is missing a tooth.


The legs of the woman’s husband are seen emerging from a real-life freezer that is in front of the artwork. His wife, meanwhile, appears to be pushing down on the door of the appliance.

Various items have been placed next to the wall including a broken white garden chair, an empty beer bottle and a blue crate.

It is reported that the new piece is located at Grosvenor Place in Margate, Kent (via the Independent). You can see the photographs in the Instagram post below.

Banksy has been praised for the Valentine’s Day graffiti in the comments section. “The master is back with a powerful message,” one fan wrote. Another said: “Exceptional piece as always. Reminding us of what is so obviously everywhere that we don’t see it.”

A third person noted how the depicted scene is unfortunately “some people’s reality”.


Last November, Banksy shared a moving behind-the-scenes video documenting the creation of his recent artworks in Ukraine.

It came shortly after he confirmed that he was behind seven new pieces that had appeared across the war-torn country.

In December, eight people were detained by Ukrainian authorities over the attempted theft of a Banksy mural from a building in Hostomel near Kyiv.

If you or someone you know has experienced domestic violence, call the following for help:

Domestic Violence Assist – 0800 195 8699
National Centre for Domestic Violence – 0800 970 2070
Victim Support – 0808 168 9 111

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