Banksy unveils series of new artworks called “A Great British Spraycation”

The new artworks appear in Norfolk and Suffolk

Banksy has unveiled a series of new artworks online, in a video called A Great British Spraycation.

The anonymous Bristol-based graffiti artist posted the video yesterday (August 13) and can be seen spraying a number of new artworks around seaside locations in Norfolk and Suffolk.

At the start of the video, he’s seen getting out of a motorhome with his spray cans in an ice cooler at the beach.


On East Beach in Cromer, Banksy sprays a group of crabs holding a sign which reads: “luxury rentals only”. One of the other new artworks shows a giant seagull hovering above a skip, while another shows two children in a boat with the caption: “we’re all in the same boat”.

On Admiralty Road in Great Yarmouth, Banksy sprayed a couple dancing above a bus shelter while a further clip shows a cocktail-sipping rat sitting on a deckchair at the seafront.

Passers by can also be seen commenting on the artworks in the video; one clip shows a woman describe one of his new pieces as “mindless vandalism”.

You can see the full video here:



Back in June, Banksy lost the trademarks to two more of his iconic works.

Last year, he also lost a legal battle over his famous Flower Thrower artwork, which shows a masked protester throwing a bouquet of flowers and first appeared on a wall in Jerusalem in 2005.

The work was subsequently adopted by the UK card company Full Colour Black, which has used the artwork on their products. Banksy lost the legal battle after he refused to reveal his identity to the judge in the case.

Two more of the artist’s famous pieces – Radar Rat and Girl with Umbrella – had their trademarks cancelled after a further plea from Full Colour Black.

The judging panel said of the situation: “As Banksy has chosen to be anonymous and cannot be identified this would hinder him from being able to protect this piece of art under copyright laws without identifying himself, while identifying himself would take away from the secretive persona which propels his fame and success.

“Banksy permitted parties to disseminate his work and even provided high-resolution versions of his work on his website and invited the public to download them and produce their own items.”

A statement from Banksy’s representatives, Pest Control Office Ltd, commented on the situation, saying: “Print them out in a colour that matches your curtains, make a card for your gran, submit them as your own homework, whatever.

“Please do not use Banksy’s images for any commercial purpose, including launching a range of merchandise or tricking people into thinking something is made or endorsed by the artist when it isn’t… saying Banksy wrote copyright is for losers in his book doesn’t give you free rein to misrepresent the artist and commit fraud. We checked.”