Banksy’s former agent reveals photos of anonymous art icon in new book

It's a new look at the street art icon's work...

Newly-released images have shown Banksy at work, but the street art icon remains as anonymous as ever with his face obscured.

The candid snaps feature in a new book from Steve Lazarides, who spent 11 years working as the right-hand man of the artist, whose identity remains a closely guarded secret.

They show Banksy as he creates some of his most recognisable works, but they stop short of revealing his face for the first time ever.


Lazarides said he loved working with Banksy, but he is now glad to be out of the art world.

“I worked with him for 11 glorious years, during which time we broke every rule in the rule book, along with a fair few laws,” he told the Press Association.

“I hate the art world. I only became part of it because Banksy catapulted the movement into the stratosphere.

“It was a ride – however, I’m glad I’m out of it and about to enter the next ride.”

His new book, Banksy Captured, reveals image from more than a decade of working with the Bristol artist, and Lazarides is now offering limited-edition prints of his own work at affordable prices.


Banksy’s ‘Balloon Girl’

The first 50 people to purchase his book will get their own counterfeit Banksy “Di-faced” £50 note, featuring the face of Diana Princess of Wales.

Like Banksy himself, Lazarides is from Bristol and was originally commissioned to shoot the artist’s portrait in 1997, sparking an 11-year partnership.

He has also worked as his agent, driver, gallerist and photographer.

Earlier this month, Banksy launched his own online store – giving fans the chance tobid for some of Banksy’s most famous works: including the stab vest Stormzy wore for his headline slot at this year’s Glastonbury festival, an Ultra HD TV, mugs, cushions and his Tony The Tiger rug.