Barack Obama praises ‘Fleabag’ as fans make an awkward realisation

He's definitely seen the pilot, right?

Former President Barack Obama has released a list of his favourite films and TV shows from 2019, with the selection of Fleabag raising a few eyebrows for one particular scene in the show.

Although the list primarily covers Obama’s “Favorite Movies of 2019”, an extra section was included below as a “quick list of TV shows that I considered as powerful as movies.” Alongside Unbelievable and Watchmen, the former POTUS included the second series of Fleabag. See the full list below.


Although Obama specified he was referring to the newest season, some Twitter users’ memories were drawn back to one of the show’s first ever scenes, during its pilot – during which the character, played by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, is seen masturbating to a video of Obama delivering a speech.

Earlier this month, Phoebe Waller-Bridge denied that she was hired to help write the script for the next James Bond film because of her gender.

The Fleabag creator is credited as part of the writing team for No Time To Die, which recently unveiled its first trailer.


However, she has hit back at accusations that she was brought on board to help with the film’s female characters, especially given past accusations that the franchise has misogynistic traits.

Waller-Bridge was speaking about being only the second-ever credited female Bond writer following Johanna Harwood for Dr No and From Russia With Love.

“I think the very first Bond film there was, but not since,” she said at the Southbank Centre in London (via The Guardian). “But that didn’t really come into the conversation. That’s only really the press that have made that thing, in terms of me being a woman, you can see it is a button-pressing thing.”