Barack Obama rules out joining Joe Biden’s cabinet: “Michelle would leave me”

The 44th US President says he won't be joining the incoming 46th President's administration

Barack Obama has ruled out the prospect of joining Joe Biden‘s cabinet when he takes office in January, joking that his wife Michelle “would leave me” if he did accept a position.

President-elect Biden is set to be inaugurated on January 20, 2021 after emerging victorious in the US election earlier this month over incumbent Donald Trump, who has yet to concede defeat.

Speculation over Obama’s possible role in Biden’s administration had been mounting in recent weeks, but the 44th US President — who appointed Biden as his Vice-President from 2009 to 2017 — has said that he will not be joining Biden’s cabinet when the latter becomes president early next year.


“He doesn’t need my advice, and I will help him in any ways that I can,” Obama told CBS’ Sunday Morning in a new interview. “Now, I’m not planning to suddenly work on the White House staff or something.”

Asked if he would consider taking a cabinet position should Biden make an offer, Obama joked: “There are some things I would not be doing because Michelle would leave me!

“She’d be like: ‘What? You’re doing what?!’”

Obama will publish his latest memoir, A Promised Land, tomorrow (November 17).


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