Barack Obama’s presidential campaign team offer dinner date with George Clooney

Shindig will take place at actor's Los Angeles home

President Obama’s campaign team are offering donors a chance to win a seat at a dinner with the leader of the free world and George Clooney.

The meal will take place at George Clooney’s Los Angeles home and is expected to generate up to $6m for the president’s re-election campaign.

For donations to the Democratic Party, from as little as $3, members of the public will be placed in a draw to win a place at the fund-raising event. A seat at the A-list dinner, set to take place on May 10, is also available without entry into the competition for a reported $40,000 a head.
Clooney recently pledged his support to Obama saying that the President is “doing a great job”, adding, “I’m a Democrat and I’m a supporter of the president, so I hope he has a very good – I hope he has a successful election.” The two met before Clooney’s arrest outside the Sudanese Embassy.

George Clooney’s last directorial effort, The Ides of March, saw him play a Democratic Governor running for the Presidency who becomes embroiled in scandal in the run up to the US election. The film was nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay at this year’s Oscars.

The US Presidential election of 2012 will take place on Tuesday November 6. For your chance to win a date with Obama and Clooney visit the President’s official website.