Bastille discuss their ‘completely different’ next album

"We're gonna leave the searing political commentary to other more worthy acts"

Bastille have opened up about their next album, the follow-up to 2016’s ‘Wild World’, which won Best Album supported by HMV at the VO5 NME Awards 2017.

Speaking backstage at tonight’s (February 15) awards, the London four-piece promised a “different” follow-up, hinting that they would avoid heavy, political topics.

“It’s really fun. It’s really different,” said frontman Dan Smith. “I want it to be completely different from our last album, and not as sprawling. We might not do a 19-track album this time.”

Smith addressed the heavy, political tone of ‘Wild World’, suggesting that the group’s next LP would avoid similar themes. Referring to Brexit, he said: “Our last album was essentially about trying to react to [world events]. Before we released it, stuff got even crazier and more disturbing. In a way it’s been quite cathartic playing those songs. [But] it’s obviously way more sad that they’re ringing more true.”

He added: “With the next record, it’s important to engage with everything that’s happening and let your voice be heard. Obviously we’re in opposition to a lot of opinions being thrown around, a lot of policies. But we’re also in a band. So maybe it’s our job to find a way – having made a heavy previous album – to find a positive way through it. I think with the next record, we’re gonna look elsewhere, and leave the searing political commentary to other more worthy acts.”

The group kicked off the VO5 NME Awards 2017 with a performance of their track ‘Good Grief’. Later in the night, they accepted the Best Album supported by HMV award, with Smith saying: “I think Adele put it better about winning over Beyonce, but thank you so much. We tried to make an album about how fucked the world seems and trying to get your head around it. I think everybody before us tonight has said much more articulate things than us four idiots could say.”

Bastille were recently rumoured to appear on Game of Thrones. Responding to speculation, Smith joked to NME that they visited the show’s set for a “studio tour,” adding: “When the episodes come out and we’re nowhere near them, it’ll be a fart in the wind. But we’re big fans of the show.”

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