‘Battlestar Galactica’ movie finds a screenwriter

Bryan Singer's sci-fi revival is preparing to take flight

The new Battlestar Galactica movie has found a screenwriter.

X-Men director Bryan Singer has been prepping a new movie version of the 1970s space opera for Universal. Now the film has found a scribe in the form of John Orloff.

Orloff, whose recent projects include Roland Emmereich-directed Anonymous told Deadline:

I have wanted to write this movie since I was 12 years old, and build a Galactica model from scratch out of balsa wood, cardboard, old model parts and LEDs. I love BSG, and I would pass on the job rather than frak it it up.

Battlestar Galactica follows human survivors from twelve colonies as they flee across space from their robot tormentors, the Cylons. The camp original series was remade in recent years as a high-minded war drama by the Sci Fi Channel, to huge critical acclaim. Producers David Eick and Ronald D Moore used the story as an allegory for the war on terror.

However, Singer’s big screen version is expected to be more in keeping with the lighter touch of the original series.