Benjamin Booker slams Ryan Adams over Alt-J diss

"When you see someone talking shit about another band, a band that is more original than you'll ever be"

Benjamin Booker has clapped back at Ryan Adams after the singer-songwriter made disparaging comments about Alt-J’s music during his live set at Lisbon’s NOS Alive festival.

Adams spoke to the audience about Alt-J, likening them to a “mosquito bite”, adding “if you ignore it it’ll go away.”

Last night, Benjamin Booker, who is also on the line up for NOS Alive, has leapt to Alt-J’s defence with a since-deleted Facebook post that takes many shots at Ryan Adams.

“I rarely get mad at other bands but when you see someone talking shit about another band […] a band that is more original than you’ll ever be”, Booker begins.

“When you see someone shut down a festival stage so you can’t prepare in the back for your set while he’s playing.” Booker went on to criticise Adams’ elaborate and “overcompensating” stage show which he attributes to a power cut in the festival.

“Three words”, Booker warns. “Fuck. Ryan. Adams. This motherfucker better hope I don’t see him out there”.

See the full Facebook post below.

Benjamin Booker Ryan Adams

Booker, however, has taken to Facebook, presumably with a cooler head, to discuss his slamming of Adams. He begins: “the people who cause you trouble are the ones you need to show the most love to. Last night I said some unsavoury things about Ryan Adams. I don’t want to spread hate and y’all caught me slipping.”

The blues singer then went on to describe musician beefs as “gross” and extended an olive branch by listing three things he likes about Ryan Adams. See the new Facebook post below.

Ryan Adams has yet to respond to either Facebook posts. Benjamin Booker released his second studio album Witness back in June.

Earlier this year, Ryan Adams spoke to NME about death, divorce, recovery and his latest album ‘Prisoner’.