Taylor Swift ‘Reputation’ fan theories – the good, the bad and the downright mad

Are you ready for it?

After months of teasing, countless Instagram posts and weeks of wild speculation, Taylor Swift’s sixth album ‘Reputation’ is almost here. Featuring the shade-throwing, all-guns-blazing ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ and ‘Call It What You Want’; her latest release is sure to do what Tay does best: shake up the music industry, for better or worse.

But with a few days to go until ‘Reputation’, fans are at peak frenzy, speculating over every single second of material that T-Swiz has unveiled so far. From the track listing to the punctuation she’s used, nothing has escaped the magnifying glass of her fans (/amateur sleuths), and here are the best fan theories being ruminated on:

Each Taylor in the ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ video represents a track on ‘Reputation’

In the last scene of ‘LWYMMD’ we see a lineup of 15 Taylor’s iterations, past and present; but fans have speculated that each of the different Taylor’s will represent a different a song on ‘Reputation’. Taylor number six is a shade throwing, cheetah print coat wearing drama queen – and this fits, as ‘LWYMMD’ is the sixth track on the album.

As new track titles have been revealed over the past few weeks, the theory seemingly checks out; for example the first Taylor in her punk rock garms fits with the aesthetic in the ‘…Ready for It’ video.

The album will feature an 8 minute long version of a fan favourite

Continuing on with the theory that each track relates to a different Taylor iteration, fans are speculating that Taylor number four, Taylor in the ‘Red’ tour ringmaster outfit, relates to a lengthy recreation into one of Tay’s old tracks.

Allegedly it’s been leaked that the track will come in at a whopping 8:47 long and back in 2012 it was rumored that ‘Red’ album track ‘All Too Well’ was originally way longer – so could ‘Reputation’ feature the original cut?

What the ellipses in “…Ready for It?” mean

‘…Ready for It?’ opens with three bass beats, and ellipses are made up of three dots – is Taylor creating the audio equivalent of an ellipses? OK, a bit tenuous, but as fans have accurately pointed out Tay doesn’t do anything without thinking it through a hundred times first.

She’s used Elizabeth Taylor/Richard Burton as a metaphor for herself.

In ‘…Ready For It’, Taylor sings “And he can be my jailer/Burton to this Taylor” and fans have gone mad with explaining the couplet, as there are tons of parallels between Swift, and Elizabeth Taylor. Firstly, Elizabeth was married eight times, and Swift has “eight famous exes”, both were portrayed negatively in the press for the way they lived their lives, and both had relationships that received a huge amount of unwanted media attention.

Taylor’s also liked posts about this theory on Tumblr, which is as good as a verbal confirmation, right?

The album’s song titles were hidden in the graffiti in the ‘…Ready For It’ video

In the music video for ‘…Ready For It’ we saw a load of walls covered in graffiti – and one theory suggest that the entire album track listing was revealed. In one shot we see the words ‘Ur Gorgeous’ (there’s a track on ‘Reputation’ called ‘Gorgeous’); but we also see the words ‘All Eyes on Us’ ‘This Is Enough’ and ‘I Love You In Secret’ – are these future album titles?

Nils Sjoberg is dead, and Taylor is now taking credit for all her own work

Nils Sjoberg is the alias that Taylor used when co-writing with ex-bae Calvin Harris. In the music video, we also see this name on a gravestone – so could this be symbolising that her writing under any alias is over – and she’s now going to take credit for all her work and losing any monikers.

‘Look What You Made Me Do’ is about Arya Stark

OK, so probably not true, but take a look at the evidence! How do we know that Taylor’s not just a low-key massive Thrones fan writing bangers about the Stark family? Lyrics in ‘LWYMMD’ include: “I don’t like your kingdom keys / They once belonged to me” – sounds like the trials Arya’s been through, especially her beef with Cersei; and what about: “I’ve got a list of names and yours is in red, underlined” – who else has got a list? Only bloody Arya Stark.