Beyoncé ‘spied’ on by Uber employees

Singer recently picked up nine Grammy nominations

Beyoncé was allegedly spied on by Uber employees according to a testimony by the minicab company’s former forensic investigator Samuel Ward Spangenberg.

He claims that employees would regularly spy on “high-profile politicians, celebrities and even personal acquaintances of Uber employees, including ex-boyfriends/girlfriends, and ex-spouses”, through an internal company tool called “God View,” according to court documents.

The tool allegedly tracks the location of Uber vehicles and customers who have requested cars. Even Beyoncé’s account was monitored, the investigator said.

Spangenberg said he expressed his concerns over the lack of security to Uber executives and was fired 11 months later. He also claimed that driver and employee information was stored in an insecure way, reports The Guardian.

He is currently suing the company, accusing Uber of age discrimination and whistleblower retaliation.

Uber confirmed that some employees – “fewer than 10” – had been fired for abusing the tool, and said that it needs to provide relatively widespread access for a number of reasons, including refunding customers and investigating accidents.

Meanwhile,  Rogue One: A Star Wars Story actress Felicity Jones has revealed she was inspired by Beyoncé during filming for the spin-off movie.

The star said she would listen to ‘Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)’ and her recent album ‘Lemonade’ before shooting for the character Jyn Erso.

She said: ”I was looking at footage from ‘Lemonade’. I think she’s someone who has incredible power and is devoted to what she does, but she also seems like a very nice person. I think that’s very important to emulate.”

Beyoncé recently picked up nine Grammy Award nominations, including Album Of The Year for ‘Lemonade’ and Song Of The Year and Record Of The Year for lead single ‘Formation’. Her ‘Formation’ music video has also been shortlisted for Best Music Video.