Biffy Clyro talk the state of politics in 2018, Brexit and Jeremy Corbyn

"Corbyn is talking for the people - real people, normal people, the youth"

Biffy Clyro have spoken out about how the ‘shifting realities’ created by the current state of politics and Brexit have inspired their next album – as well as praising Jeremy Corbyn. Watch our video interview with the band above.

This week saw the band announce the release of their ‘MTV Unplugged’ album along with details of a huge UK acoustic tour. However, they’re also at work on two new albums and a movie.

While one of the records will be a soundtrack, the other is set to be their “eighth opus” and lyrically inspired by how ‘the political bleeds into the personal’ to create ‘one big mess’.


“It’s not fully-formed yet, don’t get me wrong,” frontman Simon Neil told NME. “There’s just so much to be angry about at the moment. By the time the album comes out, Brexit will have happened. Everything’s chopping and changing every single day. That’s what’s so horrible – our realities are shifting.

“We were talking earlier about April Fool’s jokes. We haven’t seen as many this year, because of you make an April Fool’s joke, it becomes the news and suddenly it’s the truth! a horrible period we’re in at the moment and I find it really quite unsettling.”

Neil continued: “Systems are going to have to change I think. We need to change shit down and start again. Not in an anarchist way, but in a methodical way. Let’s see what’s working, see what’s not working and make our political system work. Democracy doesn’t work any more!…if it doesn’t go your way.”

NME meets Biffy Clyro

The band also praised Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn – arguing that he has connected with the younger vote far more than any other politician.

“I think he’s great,” replied Neil. “I think he could have handled himself better in the last week or see (late March), but you know – he’s talking for people. Real people, normal people, the youth. That’s what all these old bastards who are making the decisions are forgetting. It’s like ‘listen to the youngsters coming up’. Why are we ignoring the ones who are going to be driving us?


“He’s not scared to say what needs to be said, and I think that’s it. People get scared too easily. They’re like ‘oh, he’s a Communist!’ No he’s not fucking not. People are scared of these certain buzzwords. We’re in a new Millennium, it’s a new reality. We’re in a transition period and it’s just reactive.”

Bassist James Johnston continued: “He speaks against the establishment, which maybe makes him a bit of a target – but at least he’s willing to put his head above the parapet.”

Biffy Clyro's Simon Neil
Biffy Clyro’s Simon Neil

Biffy Clyro release ‘MTV Unplugged’ on May 25.

Biffy Clyro tour dates and tickets

The band will also be heading out on a stripped back and acoustic tour in September, culminating in a huge show at London’s iconic Royal Albert Hall. Tickets are on sale from 9am on May 11 and will be available here.

15 – Dublin, The Helix
16 – Belfast, Waterfront
18 – Cardiff, St. David’s Hall
19 – Birmingham, Symphony Hall
21 – Edinburgh, Usher Hall
22 – Manchester, Manchester Opera House
24 – London, Royal Albert Hall