The Big Moon’s big year – their standout moments from the past 12 months

They won Best Music Video at the VO5 NME Awards 2018, for ‘Sucker’ – the perfect finale to their greatest ever year. Here are the standout moments

Stealing pizza at the VO5 NME Awards – February 2017

Fern: “It’s kind of a sad story really.”

Juliette: “We kind of talked our way into it and stood at the back and kept trying to get into the bit where the tables were but we couldn’t get in because we weren’t VIPs. At the end of the night we got into it, and just ate everyone else’s pizza that was left over.”

Fern: “There were whole boxes of pizza just, like, full. And to be fair it didn’t even look tampered with.”


Juliette: “Oh, it was delicious. And then we mineswept and took a bottle of tequila or something.”

Drinking Big Moonshine at Glastonbury – June 2017

Juliette: “It’s a lot like crunk juice, if you’ve had that before. It’s like Fernet-Branca mixed with bleach. We drank a lot of Fernet-Branca at Glastonbury.”

Fern: “I didn’t drink any of that.”

Juliette: “You drank one shot of it and were like, ‘What is this, I think this is poison, I think this a cleaning product’.”

Fern: “Why did you drink it?”


Juliette: “Because it was free.”

Fern: “Juliette also wore a colander on her head.”

Juliette: “Oh yeah. I wanted to dress like an astronaut. I don’t why. I couldn’t get hold of a helmet, and I couldn’t think how to make one that didn’t look s**t, so I was like, ‘I could do the pasta thing’. And yes, I brought my own colander. Actually was one of my housemates’. I didn’t tell him and I did bring it home.”

Examinations at the Mercury Awards – September 2017

 Juliette: “Being nominated was amazing; playing at the ceremony on TV was really terrifying. I feel really proud of us for doing that and not falling to pieces.”

Fern: “There were so many moments where I was just like, ‘Just play the notes and don’t f**k it up’. When I looked out into the crowd all I saw was people at tables either trying to look like they were paying attention, or people having a really nice time, and it felt like they were all kind of examiners. That was in my head the entire time.”

Juliette: “It was great. It was a great party.”

Fern: “My mother came. And my godmother.”

Juliette: “We weren’t gutted not to win…”

Fern: “…because there are far more losers than winners.”

Juliette: “I felt like we won just being nominated, really.”

Fern: “We got a thing as well.”

Juliette: “A trophy. It’s heavy, really heavy. I’ve got it.”

Fern: “I saw it on Sunday and there’s some weird s**t on it. You’ve probably given it a polish.”

Juliette: “It is a bit dirty. I’m so sorry. I will look after it better.”

The Big Moon’s debut album, ‘Love In The 4th Dimension’, is out now