The 14 floppiest movie box office flops of 2017


Yesterday it was reported that Blade Runner 2049‘s lower-than-expected box office takings will cost its producers up to $80m. True, that’s not fantastic news, but even Blade Runner 2049 made more in cinemas than it spent on its budget. The same can’t be said for these 2017 films, which crashed and burned at the box office…

1. The Promise

Budget: $90m
Box office:
Why did it flop? This Oscar Isaac- and Christian Bale-fronted tale pitted the weighty topic of the 1915-17 Armenian genocide against a clunky love triangle plot.

2. Monster Trucks


Budget: $125m
Box office:
Why did it flop? A kids’ film starring Lucas Till and Rob Lowe, about the monsters that both live inside and power monster trucks? ‘Nuff said.

3. Rock Dog

Budget: $60m
Box office:
Why did it flop? Combining elements of films from Kung Fu Panda to Zootropolis, this knock-off animation was panned by critics for its generic, patchwork feel, wasting the talents of a voice cast including Luke Wilson, Eddie Izzard and J.K. Simmons. You know what wouldn’t have flopped? Rock Lobster.

4. The Ottoman Lieutenant

Budget: $40m
Box office:
Why did it flop? Unlike The Promise, this gooey and largely Turkey-funded film set in WWI Istanbul glosses over the Armenian genocide of 1915-17, appearing to deny it to such an extent that the Armenian Youth Federation of the western United States released a statement encouraging the public to boycott it. Also – it’s pants.

5. All I See Is You


Budget: $30m
Box office:
Why did it flop? When the blind Gina (Blake Lively) regains her sight, her increased confidence makes her husband (Jason Clarke) jealous. Due to the slow start of this ‘thriller’, and in spite of the impressive central performances, many walked out of its premiere at Toronto International Film Festival. The public didn’t seem to like it much better.

6. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Budget: $175m
Box office:
Why did it flop? A combination of things. There’s the film’s focus on Arthurian legend, which has fallen far out of popularity in recent years while fantasy epics like Game of Thrones satisfy fans of swords-and-sandals epics on the small screen. The paucity of A-listers in the film’s cast doesn’t help – Jude Law is the most famous actor here, and though leading man Charlie Hunnam shines – he’s best known from the motorcycle gang TV drama Sons of Anarchy and the 2013 sci-fi behemoth Pacific Rim – he still isn’t quite the household name to draw in huge crowds. Directed by Guy Ritchie, it’s also quite a lad-heavy film – of the only two significant female roles, one actor (Poppy Delevingne) described herself as being in the film for 10 minutes, with six or seven lines “tops”. That’s not really good enough, Guy, is it?

7. The Space Between Us

Budget: $30m
Box office: $14.8m
Why did it flop? It’s an Earth-to-Mars love story involving a sick teenager (Asa Butterfield) and his troubled online gf (Britt Robertson). Something like A Fault In Our Stars with space travel, something literally no one asked for.

8. Tulip Fever

Budget: $25m
Box office:
Why did it flop? This is a film about the tulip market in 17th-century Holland. You tell us why it flopped.

9. Lost City of Z

Budget: $30m
Box office:
Why did it flop? Just after this film opened, Fate of the Furious arrived in cinemas and destroyed pretty much all competition. But even in the couple of weeks before that, this film was suffering a poor opening weekend – possibly because of the way its unusual, mythical story was marketed. Or maybe it was because it was a teeny bit boring.

10. Colossal

Budget: $15m
Box office:
Why did it flop? One of the few 2017 flops that’s actually had really good reviews, this inventive monster film starring Anne Hathaway and Jason Sudeikis is possibly just a case of bad luck – or bad marketing. Maybe we don’t deserve good monster films.

11. Free Fire

Budget: $7m
Box office:
Why did it flop? Described by reviewers as a mix of Reservoir Dogs and Snatch, this strange, gun-heavy film starring Cillian Murphy and Brie Larson failed to get much buzz – anecdotal evidence suggests this is thanks to an almost non-existent marketing campaign Stateside.

12. A Cure For Wellness

Budget: $40m
Box office:
Why did it flop? Like a nonsensical version of Shutter Island, this psychological horror from Gore Verbinski is entertaining enough – Dane DeHaan and Jason Isaacs inject plenty of intrigue. For whatever reason it didn’t connect with audiences – possibly because of its February competitors (MoonlightThe Great Wall).

13. Collide

Budget: $21.5m
Box office: $4.8m
Why did it flop? Critics savaged this car-chase thriller. Cinemagoers did the same.

14. The House

Budget: $40m
Box office: $34.2m
Why did it flop? Despite Chance The Rapper’s love for this comedy starring Amy Poehler and Will Ferrell, critics hated it, and it failed to recoup its budget at the box office.