Billy Bob Thornton slams method acting

'Bad Santa' star says the practice is unnecessary

Bad Santa star Billy Bob Thornton has dismissed method acting, saying he’s not a fan of the practice.

Thornton told Total Film that the acting technique – which sees actors living and breathing their character even when they are off set – is merely an excuse for actors to pretend they’re “smart”.

He said: “I think that’s one of the biggest secrets in Hollywood, this whole ‘Method’ of acting. People want there to be a science to acting and that science is interesting. It makes it seem so fucking smart. And I believe that you’re either a good actor or you’re not.

He continued: “What makes me a good actor? Life experience. My life was very eclectic. It was very strange. I’ve been around a lot of characters. I’ve been a hobo. A street person. I’ve shovelled asphalt, I’ve worked in saw mills, I’ve been in rock ‘n’ roll bands.

“I’ve been poor. I’ve been rich. I’ve been moderate. I’ve been left. I’ve been right. And so, any time I play a character, I don’t go sit in a closet for three fucking weeks to become a dark guy.”

Thornton can currently be seen starring alongside Dwayne Johnson in Faster, which was released in the US on November 24.