A black Han Solo was almost cast in the original Star Wars

Glynn Turman might have be known outside 'The Wire' and 'Gremlins' if not for Ford.

Actor Glynn Turman has revealed in a new interview that he was almost cast as Han Solo in the original 1977 Star Wars. 

George Lucas did consider a more diverse cast in his science-fiction masterwork, with The Wire’s Glynn Turnman has the frontrunner for taking the role as Han Solo.

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Speaking to Empire, Turman said: “”In those days it said ‘black actor’, ‘white actor’, ‘Hispanic actor’ for every role, but it didn’t say either for the Han Solo part”. He continues: “It didn’t specify ‘black actor’. I was rather pleased because I was just being called in as a talent.”

“I remember George was very professional. We were all young then, so I thought he was this young guy doing his thing and I was impressed with that. He didn’t seem ‘Hollywoodish’. He seemed like a regular guy, which made him easier to talk to.”

In another interview with Creative Loafing, Turman revealed, truly, how close he was to booking to role as Solo. “Apparently George Lucas had me in mind for the role, and then thought that there might be too much controversy between a white Princess Leia and a black Han Solo – because those were the times – and he didn’t want to get into that.”

“At the time, I had no idea. I just went to the audition, did it and got out of there. Years later, I read his book and said, ‘What?’ I’m waiting to run into Harrison Ford and get my cut of his career!”

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In more recent news, directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller were fired after Lucasfilm bosses were “disappointed” with the direction the Jump Street directors were taking the Han Solo character.

Reportedly, the two “turned Han Solo into Ace Ventura” and now Ron Howard is taking over as director for the untitled Han Solo film.