Black Minds Matter partner with Paradym to offer free one-year access to mental health app

Black Minds Matter's entire 2,600-person waiting list will be given the offer

Black Minds Matter have partnered with the mental health app Paradym to offer over 2,000 members a free annual subscription.

The offer comes to mark World Mental Health Day today (October 10).

“We’re delighted to announce our partnership with Black Minds Matter UK (BMMUK),” Paradym wrote in a statement announcing the new offer.


“We’re humbled to be offering free access to the Paradym app for the next 12 months to support over 2000 people in the community who are currently waiting to gain the mental health support they need.

The message goes on to say that over the next year, Paradym will be “working with BMMUK to provide evidence-based resources that help inform and educate on the importance of emotional wellbeing across BMMUK’s community”.

“Unified in our respective missions to support people on a journey towards better emotional wellbeing, we trust this is the beginning of a long-term partnership with BMMUK, helping them connect as many Black individuals and families seeking, but unable to access, the mental health services they need.”

Paradym describes itself as an app “designed to heighten your level of self awareness and reach your greatest potential”.


Musicians have come together today (October 10) to mark World Mental Health Day. “This year has been so demanding for all of us,” Tim Burgess wrote. “Sometimes it’s difficult to see anything beyond the dark clouds.

“But hope is always with us. Reach out if you need to, take time out if things gets too much. It’s about looking after each other and ourselves.”