Try Black Mirror’s ‘Hang the DJ’ software in real life to call time on your relationship

Happy Valentines, by the way

Valentines Day is among us and for any self-destructive types out there, the relationship button from Black Mirror’s ‘Hang The DJ’ episode is available to try online.

The conceit of the episode from season four of Charlie Brooker’s not-so-distant dystopian show is that dating systems has progressed to a stage where a mysterious button will tell you how long you and your assigned partner will stay together.

The team behind Black Mirror (or, to keep in fiction, ‘Coach Dating’) have made an online equivalent of the button for you to try at home. It works as such: you’ll click the button, get a code and be asked to send it to your significant other or whoever you like.


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They’ll open that code and together you’ll find out how long you have together. Check out ‘Coach Dating here’.

Meanwhile, a YouGov poll has revealed which pieces of controversial Black Mirror tech the British public would most like to use.

The results revealed that 29% of the British public would be very likely or fairly likely to use ‘The Entire History Of You’ memory implant from season one, making it the most desirable Black Mirror invention.

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Alternatively, season three’s ‘Nosedive’ rating system was the least popular, with only 7% saying they would be fairly likely or very likely to use the tech.

In April last year, show runner Charlie Brooker stated that if any of the inventions in Black Mirror season four came true, then the world would be “really fucked.”

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